Parent and Coach Testimonials

Shannon Pullium - Men's Basketball Coach at Mercyhurst Northeast

Shannon Pullium

Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Mercyhurst North East

“Steve’s training and expertise played a big part in my success as a High School Basketball Coach at Strong Vincent. His training and mentoring always had my teams in excellent shape both mentally and physically.”

Tim Simon - Teacher / Head Wrestling Coach at McDowell HS

Tim Simon

Teacher / Head Wrestling Coach McDowell HS

“Over my 20+ years of coaching and working with youth in the Erie area, I have witnessed firsthand the impact Steve Spearman has made on the community. Steve has the rare combination of hard work, dedication to people, enthusiasm in all he does, and a strong focus on diversity that sets him apart from all the rest! Steve has been a role model for so many youth in the Erie area and continues to improve as professional each day which is why he is so impactful to so many!”

Jerry Roberts - Varsity Defensive Coach at Cathedral Prep

Jerry Roberts

Varsity Defensive Coach at Cathedral Prep

“Steve Spearman has been a big influence in my life. He’s been more than a cousin to me but also a mentor. I have watched Steve sacrifice for his family and his business. His biggest sacrifice was giving his son a kidney and still providing for his family and business while going through the entire procedure/process. Steve has taken many young men under his wing without cost and gave them a place to stay, fed them, and trained them for free. All Steve ever wants out the deal is to see the youth prosper and have a good life. This is the real definition of a man and a true friend.”

Oni Jones - Mother of Billy Lucas
Billy Jones
Billy Lucas | Spearmans Youth Development Center

Oni Jones

Mother of Billy Lucas (2019 Cathedral Prep Graduate)

“I knew Steve Spearman from his years of coaching Baycity Youth football. I became familiar with Personal Results Gym because Steve gave free workout training sessions to the members of my church. As my son Billy Lucas transitioned from junior high to high school, my parents and I, who at the time also trained at the gym, thought that it would be a great idea for him to begin training with Steve as well.

My son had a short-term goal of going to college on a full scholarship and a long-term goal of playing in the NFL. My father and I discussed with Steve what the goals were, and he agreed to help Billy if Billy was willing to put in the work. I was a single parent and Billy was the oldest with 3 younger sisters in the house. I couldn’t afford to pay a lot for the personal training I wanted for my son, but Steve worked with him despite that. Steve began to train Billy and the gym became his second home. When Billy walked through those doors, he was greeted by a diverse group of individuals all there striving for one common goal, and that was to reach greatness. Physically and mentally. He was taught to leave all excuses at the door. Being that there was no man in the household, I would call Steve occasionally to discuss things with Billy that I felt would be better coming from a man. Billy not only received the best training possible, but he also learned life lessons from other gym-goers who had either been where he was trying to go or who had fallen short. There were certain things that I didn’t know to do or things that weren’t feasible at the time, like getting my son to college football camps. Steve ensured that Billy participated in these camps. Steve and Billy developed a bond over the course of the years that made them more like family. I believe they saw the greatness in one another, not just as a student and trainer, but as a great man and a great young man in the making. Steve has played an important part in helping my son reach his short-term goal. Billy received several Division One Scholarship offers for his accomplishments in football. Billy is now a student-athlete attending Duquesne University on a full scholarship. I want to thank Steve for being a constant in my son’s life. Thank you for holding him accountable for his success and failures and for providing an environment for greatness!”