Erie Youth Success Stories

Steve Spearman has been able to work with many young champions on and off the field, on and off the courts, in and out of competitions, and through their careers and lives. These are their stories.

Mario Henry

I met Steve when I was 11. Before then I was a troubled adolescent, but Steve helped me change that. He offered to work me out free of charge, all I had to do was be up and waiting on the corner of 18th and Liberty at 6 am. He would pick me up and take me up to Family First where he worked and trained groups of kids; this was before he had his own gym. This really helped me channel a lot of my negative energy and anger I had built up inside. The rest was history. I continued training with Steve throughout my career and not only did he train me to play at a high level (both in high school and in college),but he also mentored me off the field.If I ever needed something and asked Steve, he was always willing and able to help out. I always say I can’t remember him ever saying NO. This is what I always admired about him, especially when you come from a background as I do. He would go out of his way to help anyone, not even just me but for anybody. He is a one of a kind kind of person.

Jerry Roberts Jr.

I started off with Steve Spearman when I was about 7 years old. The things that he has done for me and is still doing for me with not only the training but outside the gym as well, has been amazing. If it wasn’t for Steve, my body wouldn’t be where it’s at physically here at Bowling Green. Steve has and is still helping me with strength, speed, agility, you name it. He has done it. The way he made things in the gym correlates with life has really helped me with just learning to overcome things and be a better man and athlete. As far as life, if I needed help with something or needed anything, Steve would help me no matter what the issue was. Steve has produced some of the best athletes to come out of the gym and I’m pretty sure there is more to come in the very near future.

Marcus Lewkowicz

I have intensely trained with Steve for the last three years. His instruction and inspiration have made me an all-around better athlete. I now am moving forward to also being a licensed trainer and am currently performing my own training sessions which are resulting in becoming my career choice.

Marcus Lewkowicz | Spearmans youth development center
Lavon Rowan - SYDC

Levonne Rowan

Steve has been a mentor/coach for me for the majority of my life. He’s taught me so much, from discipline to accountability and time management. Steve gives his all to youth in the community without expecting anything back. He motivates me to become a better person and give back to my community. I look forward to learning and working with him.

Ali Sousa

I am so so grateful for my training with Steve Spearman at Personal Results. As soon as I began working with Steve in 2006 during my Sophomore year of high school, I knew that he would help to make my dreams of becoming a college athlete a reality.

From the moment that I walked into the gym, Steve made me feel comfortable and confident, despite being one of the only females to train with him at the time. His workouts were constantly changing and always catered to my specific goals and needs as a softball pitcher. Steve always maintained the perfect balance of pushing me to my limits without ever making me feel unsafe and consistently made me feel supported on days where I needed to recover.

Beyond being my trainer, Steve became a friend who always had my best interest at heart. After training with Steve for two years, I received a full ride to Niagara University to play on their Division I softball team. I am confident that I would not have become the athlete that I was without his training and support, and I will be forever grateful for the positive experiences I had at Personal Results.

Steve House of Pain

Ryan Gaines

Since coming to Personal Results Fitness, Steve Spearman has helped expand and enhance my knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always worked out since I was in high school, playing football and continued working out through college. After graduating from college I realized I was not as consistent and dedicated until I came to Steve’s gym. Since coming to Personal Results, I’ve been in good shape and it’s become a habit for me to workout 5-6 days a week. I’ve accomplished goals that I set at the gym and I’ve got more goals that I will accomplish before the year 2019 is done.

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