Meet Steve Spearman

Steven L. Spearman is an Erie, Pennsylvania native entrepreneur and the founder of the Spearman’s Youth Development Center. Steven has worked with many people from all walks of life, working his experiences into physical results for some, and life-long mentorships for others. He can tell you that life comes with highs and lows, but at the end of the day, it’s about setting goals and being determined to not give up.

Being born to teenage parents, Steven was raised by his maternal grandmother while his mother bounced back, graduated high school, and went on to higher education. He would eventually reconnect with his father, forming a fruitful relationship with him.

Although Steven’s mother would return educated, she would a short time later become a drug addict during what would be considered the beginning of a vicious epidemic of drug abuse within the inner-cities of the United States brought on by the introduction of Crack-Cocaine. As a result, young Steven would remain with his grandmother.

Despite his living situation, Steven had no shortage of friends. Those same friends would suit up during little league football seasons, with Steven often creating and leading exercise regimes as they walked and road bikes to and from practices.

Shuttling between two worlds, habits were picked up along this journey where the temptation of things he wanted was limited by his finances, causing the wheels of ambition to turn in his head.

With no father in his life and his mother absent due to addiction, his parochial school classmates would sometimes question how he was dealing with his living situation. Being raised by his grandmother and commuting from the humble project neighborhood gave him a unique perspective, nurturing the response, “it’s all I know”, so there wasn’t anything to miss or hold onto.

Steve Mentoring

Many times, young Steven would turn down opportunities to get into dealing drugs, but it was during a holiday break and hanging with family and friends that the temptation and allure of easy money became too strong. One deal lead to another, and eventually another and another. During his junior year of college, Steven made pivotal decisions that would land him in the Federal Penitentiary to serve a six-year sentence. He would have to repay his debt to society starting with many nights of thinking alone.

Naturally, Steven would workout and exercise to pass the time. Sometime during the last two years of his time there, the warden of the facility recommended that he participate in furthering his education. Making the decision to take the opportunity to become a certified trainer while serving his time became a pivotal point in Mr. Spearman’s nearly two decades of working to get others physically fit.

Once released and armed with a new purpose, Steven set out to capitalize on his gift and was determined to not return to Federal Prison. He landed two part-time jobs to make ends meet and managed to tread water until he got the chance to use his NFPT license in a life-changing way.

Despite his record, Steven was given a chance to prove he belonged in physical fitness. His personality, paired with a Health and Wellness certification in personal training, helped Steven quickly rise in the ranks to become the head managing personal trainer at the fitness center. He was eventually given the opportunity to host “Get Fit Tuesday” on Channel 24.

Steven ultimately opened his own gym, consulting and training, and was able to open his gym up to coaches, athletes, inner-city youth. There was never a fee, just lending time and services.

Today, Steven Spearman can be spotted working alongside a group of young men and women, some former athletes and students, who will work together to help the next generation of inner-city youth. “You look like me”.

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