Mario Henry

I met Steve when I was 11. Before then I was a troubled adolescent, but Steve helped me change that. He offered to work me out free of charge, all I had to do was be up and waiting on the corner of 18th and Liberty at 6 am. He would pick me up and take me up to Family First where he worked and trained groups of kids; this was before he had his own gym. This really helped me channel a lot of my negative energy and anger I had built up inside. The rest was history. I continued training with Steve throughout my career and not only did he train me to play at a high level (both in high school and in college),but he also mentored me off the field.If I ever needed something and asked Steve, he was always willing and able to help out. I always say I can’t remember him ever saying NO. This is what I always admired about him, especially when you come from a background as I do. He would go out of his way to help anyone, not even just me but for anybody. He is a one of a kind kind of person.

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